Lansering er 09. februar 2019.

Mer informasjon på dette eventet:  HåloGeoTour- KICK-OFF (GC823B7)


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Launch is February 09, 2019.

More information at the event: HåloGeoTour- KICK-OFF (GC823B7)



#Norway‘s first and the world’s northernmost GeoTour, HåloGeoTour launches February 9, 2019 in Harstad, the cultural capital of the north. Plan your #adventure to this viking-themed GeoTour and complete your passport while learning about the rich Norse history surrounding the municipality.

Despite being within the arctic circle, #Harstad experiences relatively mild winters and, due to the Gulf Stream, the fjords stay ice-free all year! If this is still more snow than you’re used to, rest assured—the entire #GeoTourfeatures winter-accessible caches, perfect for chasing the northern lights between finds. Enjoy extra daylight between May and July to squeeze in even more cache finds during the infamous “midnight sun”—the phenomenon in which the sun doesn’t set due to one’s position on Earth! This June, there will even be a MEGA event in Harstad (GC7MR74), and another one nearby in northern Finland (GC7REGW) a week later to cache the days away. Keep an eye out for the launch event to celebrate GeoTour kick-off 9 February, 2019: https://coord.info/GC823B7